Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. is one of the world leaders in the development of high-performance braking systems for car manufacturers. The company is one of the three largest suppliers of equipment for the conveyors of Japanese automakers. Nisshinbo brake pads are used in the original configuration of Nissan Murano, Toyota Camry, Jeep Wrangler and other Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, etc.

A new corporate website was developed for the company, the design of which reinvents the company’s brand book and emphasizes the key values: sportiness, dynamics, control. To convey these values a bright comic style site with a lot of animations and illustrations was created.
The site is designed to make it easy for users to access all key information from the company, including news, events, product information and much more.
The content management system includes many functions that allow, without additional skills, to provide maximum completeness of data and convenience of obtaining information for users.

The corporate site entered the structure of international sites of the network in all regions of the brand’s presence.

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