4th Sector is an association of journalists that supports and engages authors in their professional activities. Among the goals of association is the creation of new texts and the support of the community.

Website for the association was developed to achieve all the goals of the project and easily convey information to a wide range of visitors.

The project is stylistically designed as a modern media site, easy to read, conveniently structured and pleasant for your eyes.

However, unlike a traditional media site, our site has a lot of emphasis on the authors of articles, as well as on the ability to support authors. This approach is aimed at creating a new approach for the media.

The new approach also extended to design, where, due to the combination of soft curves and atypical graphics, it was possible to achieve a high level of recognition and memorability of the visual style of the project.

In addition to access to materials, the site also provides an opportunity to support the project by purchasing branded merchandise. Support can also be provided through a handy donation tool.

The site development strategy includes a multi-stage approach and long-term cooperation with the association.


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