Bar culture is the basis of the nightlife of any self-respecting metropolis. We were faced with the task of making applications in order to help this market segment develop, and users quickly find what they are looking for.

We have made a service where you can find bars nearby and get to know them from all sides, its cuisine and prices, before the program of events and even the mood inside.

We organized the resulting volume of information in the form of a convenient catalog, where everything is laid out on the shelves and it is impossible to get confused. We realized that a complex bar finder app was worse than none.

The main feature that we decided to attract people to the application was communication. It is not just an aggregator, but an almost complete social network.
As with any good social network, videos and photos play an important role in ours. It is with their help, from a simple catalog, that we turn the project into a live feed of events.
In addition, we carefully and unobtrusively ask different questions of the visitor, getting not only a visual report, but also real research, which is useful for both users and bar owners.
Of course, we are not turning our application into an endless questionnaire. With the help of convenient tools, we have tried to reduce the response time to a minimum. Quite often, a couple of seconds are enough for us to obtain the most important information.

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